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Google Buzz: become more social using Gmail

GOOGLE is always making its loyal customers busy by introducing new services and updates. Just few days ago on 9 February GOOGLE comes up with its new Social service named “Google Buzz”. After getting connected the first thing comes in my mind is that it is just a short version of GOOGLE Wave. You can post your shouts like we do on Twitter which will be visible to your followers from current email contacts and it gives you options to follow more people according to your interest.

Interesting part is you can connect your Twitter, Picasa, Flicker and Google Reader directly with BUZZ. It insures more social visibility of your personal and professional status. Moreover it will add your recent activities right on your Google Profile. Google already open Buzz API for developers and we already do have some references by which we can be more influenced using this new Buzz!!!

The BUZZ Video, Blog and API

Here you could get the the Official Video by Google about Google BUZZ…

To view their official blog please click on the following link: GOOGLE Buzz Blog . If you like to play with Buzz codes you may like to visit their API page as well; Google Buzz API

How to use?

Easy really!! First you will need a Gmail account. Then go to Google Buzz website and click on “TRY BUZZ NOW” button. If you are logged in Google will automatically set-up Buzz for you and you will get a small Buzz button right below your Inbox in you Gmail UI.

Click on your Buzz button and you will be suggested with some followers that matches your interest and from your email contacts. Follow them and start using Buzz. You will also able to connect your Twitter, Flickr and Picasa with Buzz.

I am Buzzing…

I will write another post describing what you can do with Buzz and how to use it with your Blogs and website to make it more interactive. But we can get connected, Click on my profile to Buzz with me and stay together…. My Buzz Link