New browser toolbar for web professionals with screenshots, faster search and more

We use toolbar on browser for various purposes. We use  toolbar  to make our browsing through internet easier, faster and to do multiple tasks within our browser at a time. Now many browsers are giving different tools offered by Yahoo, Google, MSN and few others. Each of them does have different tools to offer. Yet for web professionals toolbar is really important as they need more resources than normal users.

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To help these web developers IAMWD and Bidvertiser together offering a new toolbar that comes with Screen shots, Faster search bar and  quick access to your social networks with a single click.

Mozilla Firefox toolbar for web professionals

Screen shots:

Web professionals like blogger, designers, developers often need to take snap shots of browsing web pages quickly to save them and use as they wanted. This custom toolbar gives you the facility to save any screenshot with a single click.

Faster Search Experience:

Search box of this toolbar is faster with auto complete functions. It is powerful enough to let you find all the necessary resources you will be searching.

Track Your Email:

Keep track of your email instantly when it arrives in your Inbox. easy to configure and watch them live with a single click on the tool box.

And more!

  • Listen to radio live using this toolbar
  • Instant alert to all your categorized news
  • Favorite button gives you hand picked links to most favorite websites by BidVertiser


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  • raybak

    I wonder if there is any tool bar that can give you screen shots of the website in various screen resolutions.