All about CSS : Useful blog post on CSS3

Cascading Style Sheet started its journey in 1970 with the name SGML. As HTML grew, web developers feel wider demand of defining styling capabilities to meet business functions. Now, while we are approaching toward 2010, rapid web tech changes are highlighted to everyone. We know that CSS is the presentation semantic of HTML or markup language like XML, Do we know CSS3 better than its other version?  Moreover a big battle is going on between protective web developers and with developers who accept new changes and challenges is that, is time has come to adopt CSS3, while one of the major browser like IE don’t have its support at all?

Yes there are conflicts. We should remember every new technology which tries making changes to its previous trend, face difficulties. In case of CSS3 I believe, will make its way very soon to all the browsers and developers will adopt it as they are already doing with CSS 2.0. Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome has already given its support to CSS3 standard, only question remains with Internet Explorer. Hmm as a website developer do you like IE? You know your answer but as a common internet user Internet Explorer is the first option because it comes up with Windows for free, moreover that’s the only browser installed and I think it is not IE8 may be IE6 or IE7. In this case all out css3 is definitely not for you. Because it will not work on IE at all, in many cases your site will be a piece of disaster to these viewers, unless you don’t define a separate CSS especially for IE. Getting the right choice for CSS version depends on your target market. Most of the users of my blog use Firefox, then chrome, Safari and finally IE. Though my number of IE visitors are very less I made a substitute CSS for them, so that it runs fine in front of their blinking eyes. So decision is up to you, remember you as a developer have lots of option, “which one is best?” you know that better than others.

All about CSS” – with this title I am just trying to list some useful post about CSS3 I have found so far from different blog post. They helped me a lot and I believe it will help you to enhance your CSS3 skills.

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Useful blog post on CSS3

Stronger, Better, Faster Design with CSS3

stronger better faster with css3

33 Must Read CSS3 Tips, Tricks, Tutorial Sites and Articles

An article by Dainis Graver is in The post includes 33 different links about CSS3 tips, tricks and resources. A “All in one package”.

Styling HTML Lists with CSS: Techniques and Resources

Smashing Magazine is my first choice. They do have a huge number of resources and yes their writers know what they are writing. This article is all about stylist HTML Lists. Article is written by Louis Lazaris.
Styling HTML Lists with CSS

22 Advanced CSS Text Effects And Web Typography Tips

Advanced CSS text effect tools, resources and tutorials written by Dainis Graveris.The article describe how you can spice up your website by using cool text effect using css3.


Pushing Your Buttons With Practical CSS3

Design your buttons with css3. It is easy, without any technical puzzle game and reusable with different colors. The writer ZURB present some key techniques about building beautiful, efficient buttons for your website by CSS3


Only 5 for this post, but if you go through this link it is more than enough for a good start. More to come in future even I will try to share some new feature very soon. Now it is your part to share. Let me know how you liked it. Did I missed something?

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