304 free fonts for web designers!

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I like to thank Stumble first for letting me know about this website : TypeNow

I just visited this site and really impressed with its fonts collection. Around 304 different fonts for you and absolutely free! Most amazing thing is that these are fonts from popular TV, Movie, Cartoon, restaurant, comic, food, beverage items brands. Well to me it is a good resource lets see how much you can find it …. below i am just trying to show what sort of fonts you will get from TypeNow!!

TV/Movie Related Fonts

Well, you will find around 145 movie fonts that been used in famous movies before.

Music/ Band font

62 different fonts from famous music Band :



Games related font

41 free fonts from different Games series and game consoles


56 more fonts from car brand, foods, restaurant and many more….



You can download all the fonts from this link : TypeNow

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304 Free fonts for web designers

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