How I AM Website Developer can improve even more? Visitors review


IAMWD started its journey on 3rd or November 2009, by Shajed Evan. It’s goal is very simple, “Generating awareness and gather resources for freelancers in IT sector“. After around 3 months of operation with 150-200 visitors each day, I am trying to get some review from my visitors, to enhance best possible experience for my readers.

I am not a recognized person neither very successful in my career yet but as an entrepreneur I am trying my best. When I see people on internet  with their happy face describing their success stories I get encouraged to do even more than before. IAMWD is my first ever blog and I want to make it one of the top in the industry, but I can not do it alone. I will definitely need valuable comments from my little group of visitors.

I think most of my visitors are a target group of IT specialist. As an programmer, web designer, web usability specialist or even as a writer is possible to get some comments or review about “I AM WEBSITE DEVELOPER : BLOG” ? Please leave your valuable comments in the comment field and if possible don’t forget to invite your twitter followers by retweeting this post so that I can have more visitors to submit their review.

Your Review

You may criticize, leave some expert advice, tips, give warning about any technical mistakes, talk about its usability or experience. These will give me a clear overview about my blog and I willable to make it even better according to your suggestion or criticism.


It is always difficult to make space for a new-by within a very competitive place. But inspiration or guideline may be useful to carry-on. It is your time to reply.

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  • Patrick Ploum

    leaving the impression that you have an eye for detail and care for it will help you get further. This page, on the other hand, leaves me a "I don't really care anyway" impression. Far too many spelling mistakes (devianart instead of deviantart, Rss instead of RSS, willable instead of will be able, new-by instead of newbee, … ). You're just typing, and you don't check your work.

    You don't have to be a spelling champion, but if you want to be a professional, in any business by the way, show that you care, and involve other specialists where you don't know enough (spelling for example), so that the end result is what people want, and will pay for.

    Good luck.


  • Patrick Ploum

    active e-mail address

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