Optimize your posts for search engines on wordpress

It takes time to rank your website on major search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. I am not talking about page rank that is offered by Google or Alexa. Ranking on search engines depends on so many different matrix. Organic, Links, in page hit of traffic, referrals and more different types. In many cases it is quite hard for people to make their web pages optimized; who doesn’t deal with professional SEO services. Hence, there are few general rules that I always follow to “optimize posts for search engines on wordpress“. I am going to elaborate few of the these techniques below :

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Choose perfect heading for your article:

This is in-fact the most important of all. Let me give you a small example. Type this phrase on google “optimize posts for search engines on wordpress”. You will see near about 447,000 results found. use these key words separately on Google Trends. You will see the relevance of each keywords. Here the data is scaled based on the average search traffic of the term you’ve entered. So if you can insure to have perfect heading with defined keywords searched by major traffic then your chance to get hits increases a lot.

Use your title within your posts:

Have you seen this posts already used the title twice? Which means when Google will scan the post it will get more relevance with the title. Try to insert your title phrases you keywords technically so that your search engine hits get a rise.

Be consistent on heading:

Be very consistent while using headings within your posts. If you give your title a tag <h1> then don’t use it again within your post. It is just like writing a thesis or published article. We always keep relevancy on heading there. Like If the title is <h1> then a section heading will be within <h2> and if a section has sub heading they will go with <h3>.

Bold your keywords, give them some weight:

Have you seen I am using bold on this post? If you have a clear look you will see I only bold those words which are relevant to this post topic. It helps robot to get determine proper keywords. because you are matching your giving keywords given on meta tags.

Choose proper keywords:

While choosing your keywords for your meta tag on <head> section try to insert keywords taken from your written posts. Especially those which are marked as bold. In example for this post: keywords should be ‘optimize wordpress’, ‘posts for search engine’,’SEO’,’perfect heading’,’keywords’ etc.

Final Touch

I am not a SEO guru, but a blog writer and website developer I have to use few of these techniques. It works for me. I have seen many of my posts gets higher ranking by using these simple steps. Hope it will work for you if you can use them properly. I would like to thank Mr. Asif Anwar, one of the pioneer on online marketing specialist from Bangladesh;  who gave me initial ideas about these simple steps when i was in London. Now its your turn for discussion. Please reply using our social comments options.

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