New browser toolbar for web professionals with screenshots, faster search and more

We use toolbar on browser for various purposes. We use  toolbar  to make our browsing through internet easier, faster and to do multiple tasks within our browser at a time. Now many browsers are giving different tools offered by Yahoo, Google, MSN and few others. Each of them does have different tools to offer. Yet for web professionals toolbar is really important as they need more resources than normal users. [Off topic: Did you read our previous post:  Download free XHTML/CSS3 template for real estate business] To help these web developers IAMWD and Bidvertiser together offering a new toolbar that … Continue reading

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Are you switching to Google Chrome? – Extensions that will make you decide!

When I first start using Google chrome which was introduced search engine giant Google, by end of 2008; I didn’t get much impression about it. It was fast for sure, but as a developer Firefox was feeding all my requirements with its rich extensions and plug-in. After a long gap I again downloaded The Google Chrome to find out difference of browser capability to one of my newest site and I got stunned. It is fast and came with new useful extensions. As a loyal Firefox user, I had gone though few articles to find out the difference and ongoing … Continue reading

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Deal with internet explorer 6 : wordpress cases – Part: 1

Current internet trend and its development pace gave website developers lots of opportunities to show their talent to visitors however they like to. Moreover new tools are there, which can make your sites really attractive without giving much effort. From early 2009 when developers are concentrating more on using css3 by haring its best optimized features with less afford, we still need to think about its backwards. When we develop any website we try to make sure that our website is compatible with all the major browsers of the world has. Website developer are already acknowledged about the compatibility of … Continue reading

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