Time saver CSS tools and resources for web developers

As a website developer we have to keep our-self up to date and at the same time keeping personal resource database is a must indeed.Keeping yourself well organized is an asset. If you can use more time saving tools, it gives you time to think about other important things in life. On internet you may find so many tools for web development work-flow. It becomes quite impossible to choose a good one because almost all of them deals with same entity, yet usability, experience or accessibility may vary. In this article I am going to write about some useful tools … Continue reading

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All about CSS : Useful blog post on CSS3

Cascading Style Sheet started its journey in 1970 with the name SGML. As HTML grew, web developers feel wider demand of defining styling capabilities to meet business functions. Now, while we are approaching toward 2010, rapid web tech changes are highlighted to everyone. We know that CSS is the presentation semantic of HTML or markup language like XML, Do we know CSS3 better than its other version?  Moreover a big battle is going on between protective web developers and with developers who accept new changes and challenges is that, is time has come to adopt CSS3, while one of the … Continue reading

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Display Twitter profile picture on wordpress comments

Well this title is not new to some of wordpress blogger. Since I started blogging (to be honest very new), hovering those entire beautiful blog site existed, I always wondered how they can manage Twiiter avater in their comment area. Did they built their own plug-in or there might be a web service by twitter? While searching on goggle I got some blog post on SmashingMagazine and in WpBeginner, both described step by step approach towards your twitter based avatar for wordpress. Plugin named “Twittar” by SmashingMagazine and Ricardo Sousa. You can have a look at that post here. But … Continue reading

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