Time saver CSS tools and resources for web developers

As a website developer we have to keep our-self up to date and at the same time keeping personal resource database is a must indeed.Keeping yourself well organized is an asset. If you can use more time saving tools, it gives you time to think about other important things in life. On internet you may find so many tools for web development work-flow. It becomes quite impossible to choose a good one because almost all of them deals with same entity, yet usability, experience or accessibility may vary. In this article I am going to write about some useful tools … Continue reading

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Are you switching to Google Chrome? – Extensions that will make you decide!

When I first start using Google chrome which was introduced search engine giant Google, by end of 2008; I didn’t get much impression about it. It was fast for sure, but as a developer Firefox was feeding all my requirements with its rich extensions and plug-in. After a long gap I again downloaded The Google Chrome to find out difference of browser capability to one of my newest site and I got stunned. It is fast and came with new useful extensions. As a loyal Firefox user, I had gone though few articles to find out the difference and ongoing … Continue reading

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304 free fonts for web designers!

I like to thank Stumble first for letting me know about this website : TypeNow I just visited this site and really impressed with its fonts collection. Around 304 different fonts for you and absolutely free! Most amazing thing is that these are fonts from popular TV, Movie, Cartoon, restaurant, comic, food, beverage items brands. Well to me it is a good resource lets see how much you can find it …. below i am just trying to show what sort of fonts you will get from TypeNow!! TV/Movie Related Fonts Well, you will find around 145 movie fonts that been used in famous … Continue reading

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