Search Engine Optimization:Basic Information

Search Engine Optimization:Basic Information Search Engine Optimization is shortly known as SEO that uses for appearing among the top listing on SERP. There are three ways ranking our pages: White Hat,Black Hat and Gray Hat. We will discuss about White Hat methods all over this article on Search Engine Optimization. To optimize a web page  Internally,There are some criteria which are shown below: Choosing Domain Name Each and every web site has its own domain name which is unique. The Domain name represents our website. We have to bear in mind that Domain name should not be long. Domain name is … Continue reading

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Optimize your posts for search engines on wordpress

It takes time to rank your website on major search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. I am not talking about page rank that is offered by Google or Alexa. Ranking on search engines depends on so many different matrix. Organic, Links, in page hit of traffic, referrals and more different types. In many cases it is quite hard for people to make their web pages optimized; who doesn’t deal with professional SEO services. Hence, there are few general rules that I always follow to “optimize posts for search engines on wordpress“. I am going to elaborate few of the … Continue reading

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Optimized wordpress header : Cleanup unwanted element

As a new blogger I am going through lots of usability and optimization difficulty with my current site theme. I always follow source file how dose it really look like? Whether it is optimized or not? If it is properly formatted? How my template is effecting by plug-ins? I just tried some new search on how to optimize or remove unwanted elements from header file? I really liked three post. Bellow are the three Links from which I have taken references for this post: Removing wp_head() elements (rel=’start’, etc.) Cleaning up wp_head Remove unwanted WordPress header elements I found these … Continue reading

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