Promote your blog – Greet your readers to share

From last one month I am concentrating on different issues about promoting my blog. It is really hard to promote a new, fresh blog, moreover if the blogger doesn’t have much recognition it can be hardest in many cases. After spending huge time on different resources and blogs I am digging deep on better promotional aspects as much as I can. It all depends on which position you are starting your blog? What is your current social value? How many people follow you? Most important is how about the contents as well as what is the prospect of your blog, … Continue reading

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Proposed idea on social networking services

Shorter form of writers previous post on Live journal on 7th March, 2009 A social networking service promotes on building online communities of people from different activities, groups, or who are interested to exploring the interest of others. We can find out many online social networking services now a day’s who are very popular and people are grabbing their services like a hot cake. To some people they cannot even think of a single day without browsing their social networking portfolio. That is why a real time business aspect is increasingly spreading its way to this online world. Social network … Continue reading

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Feelings of Social Media Inadequacy – by

This is a IAMWD News: A very new article written by Josh Spirio, titled “A New Source of Stress: Feelings of Social Media Inadequacy” – published by Picture Source : luc legay The article pointed a clear overview of possible outcomes of business sector who are using social media as not only a marketing tool, but as a tool of customer service. The article also relieved its own point of view on social media adaption to business. We have seen different argument for and against this new hype. But if we really try to evaluate it’s strength we can recognize a clear picture of … Continue reading

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