Website Design For Small Business Oversimplified By Web Design Tools

Website design for small business is being oversimplified by web design tools and content management software bundling up in the market. There is a widespread attitude of, “okay, I will do it myself” happening with regards to designing. In reality, designing is more than just adding pages and colors to your website. Just because you have the tools, it does not mean you will be able to do the job effectively. Yes you can make website; with only few clicks perhaps; but are you sure it is going to work for you?

Web Design

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Web Design Tools are not enough

Most of the hosting clients offer access to Joomla, WordPress and lot of other blogging or CMS platforms. Apart from these, there are several companies selling their instant website tutorials with WYSIWYG features. Anyone can develop a kick start website by using CMS tools and the available options. All you might think of is to put your Home, About Us, Contact Us, Services, and Products Page. However, your business needs more than these. You can even purchase a great looking theme from different Web Template Market but yet indeed; you will only get an standard structure, which may not reflect your business as the way it should be!

Flash and E-commerce Mania

With ample plug-ins available in the internet from WYSIWYG providers, you will manage to use them with the help of the user guides. You will create galleries for your products, decent looking generic graphics, eventually creating something that looks like a near professional website. Shopping cart plug-ins makes e-commerce appear dangerously easy. It takes professional experience to know whether you are using the right shopping cart format. Are you optimizing your product pages? Small business websites need to compete with peer small businesses and giant counterparts.

So within this competitiveness; you can’t be sloppy with your products selling portal. You can’t just use tools to make a website full of amazing animation and make yourself satisfied thinking – “My website is GREAT!” Well, few thinks like this unfortunately!

It’s not only about design any more. You need to place your content into right place in your website according to content priority for maximizing the visibility to readers. You need to know users browsing behavior. How visitors like to browse? Which types of color combination are best for readability? The tools generating your codes are not always accessible to everyone. Are your codes optimized for Search Engines? How about Social Media friendly website? Are you using semantic codes on your site? Is that accessible on mobile? See, so many questions come in front of you as a prerequisite! Can your tools handle all these issues?

Web Presence with Marketing Psychology

A website that has marketing psychology included in every phase of web designing is a must to eventually win in business. To get this done, you need to have your web designing jobs trusted to an online marketing company specializing in web design for small businesses. Having enough tools does not mean you can provide the best job ever. Of course, with practice you might be able to do it; however, you have more to think of about your real-time business than about web technology. Hire a professional website developer or coder and get busy with your own business.

Importance of Professional Web Coder

A professional coder will guide you though customized options for your business in terms of webpage appearance, the number of columns you need done for your business, colors, headers, background, designs, user-friendly navigation and more. The best of all they will be able to produce unique work.

It is very important to have a good-looking logo for your business. Your logo is second to nothing when it comes to representing your business. The internet is flooded with logo development tools as well. It is best to let the professional designer do the job for you. The designer charges are indeed once in a life time investment for the logo that will go places representing your business. When you work with a logo professional it is worth your investment.

Content is the King

Content is very important to speak your business to your clients. You do not want the language to be too complex. You want the content to speak your product and service in the most effective way. The content development team will take care of your needs.

Your website is more than designs, tags, logo and paragraphs about your business. It is your finest marketing weapon. To make the best use of it, you need an internet marketing company or a we design company. There are so many online services, where you can easily look for these companies or professionals. You can post your projects on Elance, ODesk or from Freelancer too! You can crowd source your new logo design from 99Design. Or buy Premium Web Templates if you are trying to avoid custom website design and development hassle. If you think you need some help from Web Design Experts you can get in touch SME Developers.

Your Turn to Involve

Let us know how you make your website? How these web design tools are helping you growing your business? Which method is best for you? Have you ever purchased any template? Do you know the basics of HTML or CSS? Have you ever tried to build one by yourself? What were the difficulties you faced? Lets start the discussion below. You can also suggest your point of views on our Facebook Page. Bye for now.

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Are web designers cheap? Dumping rate for design will not help you grow


Few days ago I had a meeting with a new client referred by one of my good friend. He told me this guy really in need of some good stuff for his 5 years old company. I was happy thinking, the client is old in the business so may be I do have some chances here to grow with. I met the owner and he had a very clear requirement for his website. It was a medium sized website requirement and I know it will cost him close to $400-$500 (we were discussing in BDT currency) even if i use a ready made module for him with minor customization to ensure performance and functionality. I didn’t ask for any budget but he insisted saying,

I need a custom website that should not match with anyone else and with a low rate -

OK great then what is your expectation? He replied “8000-1000 Taka (close to $114-$142)”; then he also added

“you should give as post support as well within this!!”.

First I didn’t believe what I just heard. It was an awful feeling but I can express that unfortunately. Because I know even the best lowest bidder cant do it considering his hourly work load. That’s why I politely expressed my feelings. he replied

“Who told you that? You designers are giving me this cheap rate!! Here look ….”

- he then passed me few local leaflets which mentioned “$40-$100 dynamic website”. After going through their profile on their website I got the clear view of whole scenerio. I felt sorry for that client because I know he putting $114 in to a bin. I will consider this client as a victim, it is not his fault. It’s those designers who are dumping price by giving bad services to these clients.

Changing rates from first world to third world!

When I started my job as a freelancer back in 2006 from Bangladesh, my first project rate was close to $300 it was a Flash website which was just a little modification of an existing flash website. It took me near about 8-9 days to complete. That time $300 is quite a handsome amount of money in a country like Bangladesh. When I was in the UK for my Masters my idea about website development simply changed. I have seen what is quality. Why people pay for quality things? Why a designer charge that much for a design art or website? I started learning from the beginning. I came to know about usability, user experiences, modern design specification and performance issues related to web design life cycle. Now I always follow rules of good web design practice.

Huddle Collaboration Starting at £10 a month

I fixed an ideal hourly rate for me which is average comparing the designers rate in the UK. But as a new-bee in foreign territory getting local job becomes a golden deer for me. So I tried Elance, Freelaner and Odesk as my source for clients. Then I realized the problem Thomas Friedman told us before “World is Really Flat“. Internet and cheap labored countries giving small companies in First world an option to outsource their job in cheaper rate than they used to get within their own country! I saw even though £15 per hour is quite low in UK it is quite high comparatively in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan or any other East European countries. Even $7-$8 is a good rate for them. So sitting down in UK I was shouting at my country men. They are taking my food out from my mouth. They are getting competitive advantages by being low cost designers. it is indeed an advantage. I will not consider it as price or rate dumping, it is just an strategical benefit of cheap labor country.

How designers dumping rates?

I have seen designers on Elance, Freelancer or Odesk job board to dump their price to the lowest. Sometimes a winner of  a custom wordpress template bids with only $35 (yes true its not modification, its a new theme design)!!!! I wonder how on earth it is possible? I get a quick reply too? The same project owner call for help few days later for same project.

So you can see designers are there dumping the rate. But they can only deliver a crap not a good design that works for client or business.I had faced this types of problem on the story described above. New clients are getting convinced by these cheap designers to o for a cheap design. But we know cheap design is not Good enough to deliver your business need.


So are designers cheap to grow?

As a new company my design studio SME DEVELOPERS is charging it’s client with lower rate but not with cheap rate. That means we are not going for cheap rates for cheap  bad work to our clients. You will always see slogans like “Best and Cheap” – dont trust them. From my personal experience a well design and better functionality website comes with time and costs. yes I can reduce or give some discount on project basis. But not with the cheapest price. It is bad for business growth.

If you always try to be the cheapest by delivering whatever to your clients you will grow an image of cheap designer. So when your client will grow and look for better design they will not come to you. They will rather find some one who established his image as “Good Designer” or “Creative Designer“. So even if you are a quality designer you may loose your client in this case.

Finally be careful when you start. You can dump the price to get market share but in long run being cheap designer will not do.

Design a modern twitter icon in photoshop for your website

Syncables 360 Premium v7 Save $10

Right now I am working on a web template for SME DEVELOPERS for Real state Business and have intention to release the template for free under IAMWD. While working on the template I tried to find few nice social icons, buttons that can fit into my design. After a long search within web and my existing resources I failed to grab one, on secondary solution I decided to design a twitter icon on my own!

I am not good on Photoshop, though I manage with templates but not good in sketches. I gone through Google and find out a nice tutorial by Desizntech. What I am going to show below is quite close to the tutorial from Desizntech but here I am including some of my custom parts.

Choose your image size

twitter icon

The easiest step for sure. Chose your canvas and image size. Here I have chosen 300×300 and transparent background.

Set your icon size with guides

Next I placed 4 different guides along with the rulers to initiate 50×50 pixel of size. Please see the above picture with blue box mark.

Draw Rounded Rectangular box

Select rounded rectangular box from tools and give it’s radius value to 5 in the square box you defined with guides in previous step. It will be something like the picture below.

Edit Layer Style

Here I have chosen Gradient Overlay, Pattern Overlay, Drop Shadow and Inner shadow. Please follow the pictures one after other…

Gradient Overlay

twitter gradient overlay

Twitter Gradient Editor

For gradient color chose #63d2f4 and second one on right #e9f5fa. Please note I have selected to show the gradient in reverse mode.

Pattern Overlay

Twitter Pattern Overlay

You can edit this section as you like to. I included it to give some patter feel but if you want you can skip this part.

Inner Shadow

It is better to chose a darker color than that of your background in Multiply Blend mode, here i have chosen #c4ddeb. You may give different value according to your need in distance or size.

Drop Shadow

Twitter drop shadow

According to the website background color I have chosen drop shadow color to #8d8b8b as my web content background is white. You can give any color that suits with your web background.

And that’s it your box styling is done. Next we can concentrate on twitter text ‘t’ !!

Adding Twitter Text ‘T’

First you will need to download Twitter Font Pico if you don’t have it in you collection. You can download this font via Bitrebels

After download add new text layer on top of the rounded rectanguler box and type ‘t’ with font style PicoBlackAI with the color #2cb7e2. Vertical Scale of the text will be 130%.

twitter text pico

After typing the font align it into the center of the shape by selecting both of the layer and then select Layer->Align->Vertical Centers and Horizontal Centers. If you do it correctly it will something like the picture shown below.

twitter text box

Add styles in to text layer

Double click on the text layer and select stroke. Chose color #ffffff and size: 3px position->outside

twitter text stroke

Then Select Inner Shadow and give values according to the picture below,

twitter text inner shadow

If everything goes fine the outcome will be as below,

twitter button big

And that’s it you are all done. You got your own custom icon!! Here what it may look like….

Twitter icon big

And this is your final icon

You can download the source from here: twittericon.psd

Finally I would like to hear from you. Please let me know about any of your techniques that we can share with others. I really need some guest writers who can contribute their concepts, techniques or knowledge with us. Please feel free to contact me at e…@i… Help us to promote our blog by sharing this page if you think it helps you. Don’t forget to subscribe to our RSS feed

Coming Soon: Keep an eye on our blog. We are going to submit a free website template based on XHTML, CSS3 and JQuery on Real State Business very soon.

All about CSS : Useful blog post on CSS3

Cascading Style Sheet started its journey in 1970 with the name SGML. As HTML grew, web developers feel wider demand of defining styling capabilities to meet business functions. Now, while we are approaching toward 2010, rapid web tech changes are highlighted to everyone. We know that CSS is the presentation semantic of HTML or markup language like XML, Do we know CSS3 better than its other version?  Moreover a big battle is going on between protective web developers and with developers who accept new changes and challenges is that, is time has come to adopt CSS3, while one of the major browser like IE don’t have its support at all?

Yes there are conflicts. We should remember every new technology which tries making changes to its previous trend, face difficulties. In case of CSS3 I believe, will make its way very soon to all the browsers and developers will adopt it as they are already doing with CSS 2.0. Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome has already given its support to CSS3 standard, only question remains with Internet Explorer. Hmm as a website developer do you like IE? You know your answer but as a common internet user Internet Explorer is the first option because it comes up with Windows for free, moreover that’s the only browser installed and I think it is not IE8 may be IE6 or IE7. In this case all out css3 is definitely not for you. Because it will not work on IE at all, in many cases your site will be a piece of disaster to these viewers, unless you don’t define a separate CSS especially for IE. Getting the right choice for CSS version depends on your target market. Most of the users of my blog use Firefox, then chrome, Safari and finally IE. Though my number of IE visitors are very less I made a substitute CSS for them, so that it runs fine in front of their blinking eyes. So decision is up to you, remember you as a developer have lots of option, “which one is best?” you know that better than others.

All about CSS” – with this title I am just trying to list some useful post about CSS3 I have found so far from different blog post. They helped me a lot and I believe it will help you to enhance your CSS3 skills.

Related Readings:

Useful blog post on CSS3

Stronger, Better, Faster Design with CSS3

stronger better faster with css3

33 Must Read CSS3 Tips, Tricks, Tutorial Sites and Articles

An article by Dainis Graver is in The post includes 33 different links about CSS3 tips, tricks and resources. A “All in one package”.

Styling HTML Lists with CSS: Techniques and Resources

Smashing Magazine is my first choice. They do have a huge number of resources and yes their writers know what they are writing. This article is all about stylist HTML Lists. Article is written by Louis Lazaris.
Styling HTML Lists with CSS

22 Advanced CSS Text Effects And Web Typography Tips

Advanced CSS text effect tools, resources and tutorials written by Dainis Graveris.The article describe how you can spice up your website by using cool text effect using css3.


Pushing Your Buttons With Practical CSS3

Design your buttons with css3. It is easy, without any technical puzzle game and reusable with different colors. The writer ZURB present some key techniques about building beautiful, efficient buttons for your website by CSS3


Only 5 for this post, but if you go through this link it is more than enough for a good start. More to come in future even I will try to share some new feature very soon. Now it is your part to share. Let me know how you liked it. Did I missed something?

Optimized wordpress header : Cleanup unwanted element

As a new blogger I am going through lots of usability and optimization difficulty with my current site theme. I always follow source file how dose it really look like? Whether it is optimized or not? If it is properly formatted? How my template is effecting by plug-ins?

I just tried some new search on how to optimize or remove unwanted elements from header file? I really liked three post. Bellow are the three Links from which I have taken references for this post:


I found these post really helpful and like to share some of my understandings with you:

Problem with wordpress wp_head()

wp_head() is a action hook for plugins which is used in HTML <head> tag in wordpress header.php file. It is used so that plugins can include their additional functionalities within <head> tag if necessary. Now the problem with this wp_head() is that it do have some of it’s own element itself which you can find in view-source page of your template. Have a look:
[code lang="html"]


The tag :

[code lang="html"][/code] is unnecessary if you do use different rss feed element like Feed Burner in your blog. Moreover it conflicts the original title tags as well. In some cases few social networking services like “StumbleUpon” get confused which title it should follow!

How to remove?

Remember removing the wp_head() element is simply designers choice. It is up to them. If you really want to use core Jquery link given by wordpress, want to write your blog using Windows Live writer then you should not remove these elements. One simple solution might be just remove the wp_head() from your header.php file. In that case it may hamper your template because  these Action hooker helps your template to work smoothly. What we can do is, to remove each single element inserting few codes in your function.php file.

Open your function.php from your Editor from wordpress admin or with notepad from your local PC. Now add following codes according to your interest. I have removed all of them because I already had substitutes for my template and most of them were useless for me.

Remove the links to the extra feeds such as category feeds

[code lang="php"]remove_action( 'wp_head', 'feed_links_extra', 3 );[/code]

Remove links to the general feeds: Post and Comment Feed

[code lang="php"]remove_action( 'wp_head', 'feed_links', 2 );[/code]

Remove the link  EditURI link

[code lang="php"]remove_action( 'wp_head', 'rsd_link');[/code]

Remove  Windows Live Writer manifest file

[code lang="php"]remove_action( 'wp_head', 'wlwmanifest_link');[/code]

Remove Index Link

[code lang="php"]remove_action( 'wp_head', 'index_rel_link');[/code]

Remove wordpress Generator

[code lang="php"]remove_action( 'wp_head', 'wp_generator');[/code]

** please be aware removing this link means you might have problem while upgrading your wordpress automatically form your admin dashboard.

Remove Start, Prev and current post link

[code lang="php"]remove_action( 'wp_head', 'parent_post_rel_link');remove_action( 'wp_head', 'start_post_rel_link');remove_action( 'wp_head', 'adjacent_posts_rel_link');[/code]

Remove Additional Jquery Link

If you include all your jquery script source manually in your <header> tag in that case self included jquery reference is an excess for you. We do have on function wp_deregister_script(‘jquery’) , But the we cant include this one in function.php file. It is because it inherit code wordpress admin panel jquery functionality. In that case (Thanks to Falcon to notify us) we just need to open our header.php file and include the code just above wp_head(), as follow:

[code lang="php"]wp_deregister_script('jquery');wp_head();[/code]

Thats all the basic wp_head() element you may want to remove to keep your <head> tag clear. Though some plug-ins will contradict with their own generated script like JavaScript or style sheets in that case you have to go more deeper. You just need to open that plug-ins main php file and try to find [code lang="php"]add_action('wp_head', 'plugin_function_here');[/code] after you do know the name of the plug-ins function just go back to your function.php file and include this code: [code lang="php"]remove_action('wp_head', 'plugin_function_here');[/code]And it will work fine.

Hope this discussion may help you guys. Please let me know if I missed something.

Amazing Free wordpress themes for December 2009

Since it starts its journey WordPress; is now counting as one of the most powerful yet simple CMS for publishing contents. We do have different CMS out there like Joomla, Drupal and Xoops, but WordPress is something which can be done easily or without much headache. You do have several option to choose this award winning CMS, as it is very user friendly, easy to understand, tons of plugins that makes your CMS for functional, thousands of free trendy templates which you can use without a single customization. For developers it is something very familiar than Drupal i guess. It’s documentation is so clear that even a beginner can customize the templates and develop new plugins with a very little effort.

I am also very new in WordPress, still learning its inner functionalities. The template you are watching in this blog is basically a customization of two different free template combined into one. I learned how to add widget, create new function and insert code within core wordpress template. Anyway I can discuss about this later, but here I am listing few free templates that you might be interested to look at. Have a look below:

WordPress blog and portfolio templates for December 2009
























The template are collected from different sources and from blog post, I like to thank them too.

Thanks to:

Website usability and user experience : A Common practice

Usability and User Experience, two very common word in each and every sector in business products and services. In case of website design and development whatever or however the design or functionality it has if it do have lack of usability and User experience we just can argue “The site is a mess”. In my case as new blogger,while implementing this site I am still fighting to insure best UX and Usability functional within my ability. To get more information I was reading few blogs and advice from different writers. Lots of articles out there to get better idea abut Usability and User Experience awareness, but few of them are really helps me for my better understanding.

Source: stopanxietyinminutes
Source: stopanxietyinminutes

Usability of a website :

You can find lots of definition given by expertise. My simple point of view is “Giving less effort to find what I want from a website within my particular interest”. That means my percentage of hovering will be less, It will be easy to navigate, I will know where I can find my desired contents within a website. Moreover it should meet our goal. It might be contents, Available links, in Design pattern or may be just a video. As an example we are more comfortable driving on a wide straight high-way rather than zigzag roads upon hill! That means how comfortable you are while purchasing a product from a shopping mall.

Website User Experience :

It is common for your viewers, even for you as a browser. When we start browsing a website conscious mind start giving feedback right then, “What is my experience?” Am I feeling good? Is it comfortable for my sight view? Can I keep trust on what i am looking at? How about the services it is providing me? How satisfied I am? Yes lots of questions comes up in case of user experience analysis. An user experience is something which can keep your customer stick with you at all time. Simple example might be a shopping center who do have small product line but it do have lots of returning customer only because these customers do get good customer experience.

The battle :

Usability or Experience? Well definitely both. But we just need to balance it at best possible limit both side. Very usable thing might not cover better experience, on other hand a product with high functionality might be difficult for use to everyone. That is why developers and designers both consider to balance these two facts at the same time.

A publication by Semantic Studio, “User Experience Design“ written by Peter Morvilles (Email : many years of experiences in information architecture and UX design the writer developed a new model called “User experience Honeycomb“.


It was a extension to an infamous model named “Three circle of Information Architecture“. The new model just described 7 quality of an user experience, those are : Useful, usable, desirable, findable, accessible, credible and valuable. There are so many experts are there who are working with usability and UX, if you search thoroughly you might get more different techniques or mind map before practical integration. But the Map above is one of the basic content that you will find useful to fulfill your starting solution for usability and UX.

Please read the article by Peter here : User Experience Design

I have found some other posts in different popular blogs and you might be interested to have a look at those as well.

  1. 6 simple ways to increase the visual impact of your Web Page

    6 simple ways to increase the visual impact of your Web Page

  2. Simple usability problem to avoid

    ^ usability problem to avoid

  3. Brand = User Experience: The Interface of a Cheeseburger

    Interface of a cheese burger
  4. Call to Action Buttons: Examples and Best Practices
  5. 15 Common Mistakes in E-Commerce Design
  6. Minimizing Complexity In User Interfaces

    Minimizing Complexity In User Interfaces
  7. 10 Useful Usability Findings and Guidelines

    10 Useful Usability Findings and Guidelines
  8. 10 usability crimes you really shouldn’t commit

    10 usability crimes you really shouldn't commit
  9. Long-tail User Experience: how to cultivate (or dissolve) a community

    Long-tail User Experience

You may find some more resources and articles on-line, If You think I should include more link that you feel better please let me know. Let me know about your interest too.

Display Twitter profile picture on wordpress comments

Lead Gen Banner

Well this title is not new to some of wordpress blogger. Since I started blogging (to be honest very new), hovering those entire beautiful blog site existed, I always wondered how they can manage Twiiter avater in their comment area. Did they built their own plug-in or there might be a web service by twitter? While searching on goggle I got some blog post on SmashingMagazine and in WpBeginner, both described step by step approach towards your twitter based avatar for wordpress. Plugin named “Twittar” by SmashingMagazine and Ricardo Sousa. You can have a look at that post here.


But I found one in WordPress Plugin website name “Twitter Avatar” developed by and author Thomas McGregor. It allows user to post there twitter username while they submit their comments. Below I will give some features and show how you can install this plugin to your wordpress theme.

What this “Twitter Avatar” do?


That picture tells everything, isn’t it?? Yes, you can have an additional text field for your commenter to submit their twitter username. Moreover it will show links to their twitter profile next to comment. Needless to say default avatar will be replaced by that twit commenter as well.
I personally liked it because it is customizable. You can give additional Css styling yourself which will fit with your designed template.

How to install?

Only problem I found with this problem is “You have open comment.php and insert some code” apart from that this plugin is fine. Well here we start…

  1. Download the plugin to your wordpress plugin folder ex: www.myblog.comwp-contentplugins
  2. Go to your dashboard click plugins
  3. Activate the plugin
  4. Go to edit themes and click on “comment.php
  5. There you will find
    <?php wp_list_comments(); ?>
  6. Replace that with this code:
    <?php ( function_exists('twitter_comment') ?
    'twitter_comment' : null ), 'avatar_size' => 96 ) ); ?>
  7. Again in the same file find this block :
    <?php else : ?>
    <p><input type="text" name="author" id="author" value="<?php
    echo $comment_author; ?>" size="22" tabindex="1" <?php if ($req)
    echo "aria-required='true'"; ?> />
    <label for="author"><small>Name <?php if ($req)
     echo "(required)"; ?></small></label></p>
    <p><input type="text" name="email" id="email" value="<?php echo $comment_author_email; ?>" size="22" tabindex="2" <?php if ($req)
    echo "aria-required='true'"; ?> />
    <label for="email"><small>Mail (will not be published) <?php if ($req) echo "(required)"; ?></small></label></p>
    <p><input type="text" name="url" id="url" value="<?php echo $comment_author_url; ?>" size="22" tabindex="3" />
    <label for="url"><small>Website</small></label></p>
    <?php endif; ?>
  8. Just Bellow this code insert the following code:
    <p><input type="text" name="author_twitter" id="author_twitter" value="<?php echo (isset($_COOKIE['author_twitter' . COOKIEHASH]) ? $_COOKIE['author_twitter' . COOKIEHASH] : '' );?>" size="15" tabindex="4" />
    <label for="url"><small>Twitter Username</small></label></p>

Important : Don’t give your avatar size more than 90 pixel because this plugin can only work under 90 pixel image size avatar.

Well that’s it. You may find out a Twitter Avatar option in your dashboard, you can give some value there but I will recommend give the avatar size in your css style file.

304 free fonts for web designers!

free fonts

I like to thank Stumble first for letting me know about this website : TypeNow

I just visited this site and really impressed with its fonts collection. Around 304 different fonts for you and absolutely free! Most amazing thing is that these are fonts from popular TV, Movie, Cartoon, restaurant, comic, food, beverage items brands. Well to me it is a good resource lets see how much you can find it …. below i am just trying to show what sort of fonts you will get from TypeNow!!

TV/Movie Related Fonts

Well, you will find around 145 movie fonts that been used in famous movies before.

Music/ Band font

62 different fonts from famous music Band :



Games related font

41 free fonts from different Games series and game consoles


56 more fonts from car brand, foods, restaurant and many more….



You can download all the fonts from this link : TypeNow

You were reading :

304 Free fonts for web designers