Stepping into Usable Web

Stepping into usable web – the slider was presented at Experience Sharing event in January 2012. It was a small event with some smart IT professionals from Bangladesh. The event was fun and memorable. I took the chance of explaining what I feel about Usable Web, What a website should have? What steps we can follow to ensure usability and give rich experiences to the users?

I believe -

Website is not only a frame of images, links or texts anymore! A website should so usable not only for it’s visitors but also for machines too!

Elements of a Usable Web

The slider was divided into six main sections.

  1. Concentrate on User Goal
  2. Develop Information Architecture
  3. Make an Effective, Readable UI and accessible UI
  4. Semantic Markups
  5. Need for Speed (The Book)
  6. Make it social make it SE friendly

User First! Concentrate on User Goal

  • Who will be visiting your website?
  • What do you want them to do?
  • What they will get from your website?

Become and Architect! Work on Information Architecture

  • Content (List of all possible contents)
  • Site Map Diagram (Page structure)
  • Wireframes
  • Prototypes (Screen Design

Reference: Usability First

Make Usable UI! Work on User Interface

  • Converting wireframe and prototypes into final design format
  • Design for devices
  • Design for accessibility
  • Design for usability
  • Design for Rich Experience

Semantics! Meaningful Markups

  • Your markup should not be alien codes
  • Readable for devices
  • Meaningful
  • Understandable
  • Device and SE robot friendly

Reference: Dive Into HTML5 (

Speed it UP! Ensure Web Performance

  • A single second delay can loose you thousand of $$$$
  • Don’t overload your website
  • Use less HTTP calls
  • Use modern techniques
  • Load progressively

Reference: Book of Speed (,  Learning CSS3: Useful References (

User Rich Tags! Make it Social Media and Search Engine Freidnly

  • Emphasise on Rich Contents
  • Use Microdata
  • Schema

References: Google Rich Snippets

It was a very interactive presentation. Each points were elaborated on that event. Let me know if you need detailed explanation on any particular segment. Asj them in the comments section.

Would You like to get into a User Experience and User Interface related group? I am trying to form a group called UXCon in Facebook. Get in and ask others to join the group.

Usability, user experience and review survey for vistors of IAMWD

Dear visitors, I had requested you to go through a review on one of my previous post “How I AM Website Developer can improve even more? Visitors review” before. “I AM WEBSITE DEVELOPER” started on 2009 November and it is very close to a year with only 37 posts, all written by EVAN SHAJED (me). I am a freelance website developer and as a writer I am very new. Last one year there were lots of different techniques has been taken to insure best usability and experience towards visitors with better posts. It is quite unfortunate not having much visitors as expected.

i am website developer survey

picture is taken from Survey Monkey

I have taken some analytical steps to improve my blogging services targeting more visitors and also trying to get direct comments from them. It will help to understand what my visitors think about this small blog. Very soon depending on different research taken so far, within next few weeks I will convert current UI to a fast, user friendly and accessible website. I will need your help to insure that.

Please take a short survey!

To get reviews, feedback and comments about this website, I created a survey on Survey Monkey which includes only 8 questionnaires. I believe it may take only 5-6 minutes. It is a request to browse this blog first then take the survey.

You may take this survey in two ways. You click into this link: Help us understanding usability matrix for IAMWD or you can take the survey right into this post below.

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world’s leading questionnaire tool.

It will be great if you can share this post within your network. It will really help me to understand my current blog rating. Very soon I will improve overall user experience, design and other matrix related to better usability for visitors; after getting these feedback data. Thank you for being with us this far. Don’t forget to comment. you can also give your valuable comments in our comments section.

Website usability and user experience : A Common practice

Usability and User Experience, two very common word in each and every sector in business products and services. In case of website design and development whatever or however the design or functionality it has if it do have lack of usability and User experience we just can argue “The site is a mess”. In my case as new blogger,while implementing this site I am still fighting to insure best UX and Usability functional within my ability. To get more information I was reading few blogs and advice from different writers. Lots of articles out there to get better idea abut Usability and User Experience awareness, but few of them are really helps me for my better understanding.

Source: stopanxietyinminutes
Source: stopanxietyinminutes

Usability of a website :

You can find lots of definition given by expertise. My simple point of view is “Giving less effort to find what I want from a website within my particular interest”. That means my percentage of hovering will be less, It will be easy to navigate, I will know where I can find my desired contents within a website. Moreover it should meet our goal. It might be contents, Available links, in Design pattern or may be just a video. As an example we are more comfortable driving on a wide straight high-way rather than zigzag roads upon hill! That means how comfortable you are while purchasing a product from a shopping mall.

Website User Experience :

It is common for your viewers, even for you as a browser. When we start browsing a website conscious mind start giving feedback right then, “What is my experience?” Am I feeling good? Is it comfortable for my sight view? Can I keep trust on what i am looking at? How about the services it is providing me? How satisfied I am? Yes lots of questions comes up in case of user experience analysis. An user experience is something which can keep your customer stick with you at all time. Simple example might be a shopping center who do have small product line but it do have lots of returning customer only because these customers do get good customer experience.

The battle :

Usability or Experience? Well definitely both. But we just need to balance it at best possible limit both side. Very usable thing might not cover better experience, on other hand a product with high functionality might be difficult for use to everyone. That is why developers and designers both consider to balance these two facts at the same time.

A publication by Semantic Studio, “User Experience Design“ written by Peter Morvilles (Email : many years of experiences in information architecture and UX design the writer developed a new model called “User experience Honeycomb“.


It was a extension to an infamous model named “Three circle of Information Architecture“. The new model just described 7 quality of an user experience, those are : Useful, usable, desirable, findable, accessible, credible and valuable. There are so many experts are there who are working with usability and UX, if you search thoroughly you might get more different techniques or mind map before practical integration. But the Map above is one of the basic content that you will find useful to fulfill your starting solution for usability and UX.

Please read the article by Peter here : User Experience Design

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You may find some more resources and articles on-line, If You think I should include more link that you feel better please let me know. Let me know about your interest too.