6 useful posts freelancers should read and follow

As a freelancer I always look for advice from expert, as a result online was one of my most seeking resource so far. But it was not blog at all! Because I thought that bog writing might not give you anything extra in your development process. But I was wrong. It’s not very long since I am blog-holic. Now I follow resourceful blogs and post more than before. Moreover few blog posts changed my way of work and approach towards my freelance aspiration. Now I am following more than 14 blogs and some of their post are really driven me a lot. I just like to share 6 useful posts for freelancers that I found so far.

I have chosen these 6 post from 3 major blogs running online for freelance designers and developers. Those are Smashingmagazine, Freelancefolder and Reencoded.

1.The roadmap to becoming a professional freelance web designer – by SmashingMagazine:

become professional freelance web develper

This post is written by Kayala Knight. One of my favorite and to be honest it helps me a lot to start step-by-step. In this post you will find not only the steps for the starter but will get some checklists for current freelance professionals, who are already in the business. Visit original Source>

2. How to become freelance web developer - by Freelance Folder


My second favorite and the post is written by Amber. The post explains some key points and steps that a freelancer should follow. Freelancing is not a one or two month’s job; it is simply a common practice that freelancers should do all his professional life. In this article you will find a 6 month schedule and t do list starting from Month 1 t 6. Visit original Source>

3. Freelance guide building customer loyalty – Reencoded

freelance guide customer loyalty

With 5 different sections Michael Frankland suggested few facts of paying attention to customer loyalty. Customer loyalty and retaining customer services is the backbone of any business. It is better to work with current customer rather than seeking new customer, because with current long term business can build the forecasting scenario of your business.  Visit original source>

4. How to build ultimate job finding dashboard with iGoogle – Freelance Folder

iGoogle Job Dashboard

iGoogle itself is a great UI where you can include daily usefull gadgets, chat with friends, checking emails, news notification and many more. In this post author Mason Hipp describe how we can use iGoogle as a well formatted job finding board. Visit original source>

5. Freelance contracts : Do’s and Don’ts – By Smashingmagazine

freelance contract

What we should do and shouldn’t, when we sit down for a contract sign? Well that is pretty much sorted out by author Robert Bowen. The article will be useful for freelancers as it pointed basic structure of a contract as well as what terms we should include. Visit original Source>

6. Four freelancing mistakes you don’t need to make – Freelance Folder


In freelancing world mistake is a very common fact. “Well doing mistake, by mistake, will be mistake if we don’t learn from our previous mistakes!!!!” Glen Allsopp the author clarified some points here, where most of them are true facts with our working pattern. This post is a must read… Visit original post>

You were reading the article “6 useful posts freelancers should read and follow”. You will so many other post which will be helpful as well, But these 6 post help me a lot and thats why i am inspired to share with you.

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