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A social networking service promotes on building online communities of people from different activities, groups, or who are interested to exploring the interest of others. We can find out many online social networking services now a day’s who are very popular and people are grabbing their services like a hot cake. To some people they cannot even think of a single day without browsing their social networking portfolio. That is why a real time business aspect is increasingly spreading its way to this online world. Social network is a new virtual but rationally realistic world of communication and sharing activities with low cost which open doors for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Business prospects on social networking services has diversity of different aspects and beneficial for service provider. We can find out aspects in business to business (B2B) or business to consumers (B2C). We can involve some more values than traditional social networking services and can involve business aspects with bigger sense with some new ideas. Business can be involved with SNS (Social Networking Services) with all its activities and not only serving the advertising, marketing buying/selling, customer relationships but emerging other educational and human acknowledgement factors. Social networking service can interconnect all types of human to fulfill their desired interest only if we can incorporate business services with it in every possible way.

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Few Ideas:

Social networking services are still new and growing with its full phase. There are lots of scopes where business can focus activities and appear a direct involvement. As a preliminary stage some ideas can be incorporated along with these services where key motivation should be “WORLD ON ONE PAGE”. I personally believe it is possible at the era of technological development. We can share knowledge, send emails, chat with friends, do business, learning new things, attend meetings, getting updated news, complete essential tasks, searching and can do many more at one single place. To get that we can think about a interconnected social networking service where a virtual world is presented by many third party services.

  • Create a module for instant alert system. Mails will be pushed to handheld or as messaging services to normal mobile phones. (already live)
  • Create a business network close to local area for small business and worldwide network for global business according to entrepreneurs profile and their interests
  • Including online parcel sending module with gifts. Where many local shops will be connected and parcels can send by well established parcel carriers like FEDEX, TNT or in local ROYAL MAIL. That means we can easily involve E-Logistics terms in SNS.
  • General Banking services can be included.
  • While putting users profile users can be asked for their national ID number. They will be easily identified through the main database under proper authentication and authorization. Thus the security will be improved and a person will not able to use more than one profile.
  • Connect with local events and national events
  • Make sure knowledge gets to people who acts on time
  • Schools and College works and learning system can be merged as a test.
  • Share individual intellect and get a combined idea.
  • Promote professionals and skilled peoples, search for employee and employers

Measuring business prospective on social networking services has a vast potential for research work and gathering new ideas for new entrepreneurs. It does have some history of potential misuse but still this is a growing sector. Stakeholder can find a new way of potential profit and can establish a well structured network for virtual human world.

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