Speed up wordpress blog by reducing external request

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I use shared hosting with IXWebhosting with a package of unlimited hosting and bandwidth (though it is not true. there is nothing called unlimited). Though i use shared hosting ixWebhosting is not bad at all. It deliver a good service for small business anyway. Even it’s price is really good. But if you are looking forward to go for something even better for your wordpress blog then I believe you should consider other available options. As I am hosting 3 different blog with IXWebhosting it is working fine as a small blogger. But still sometimes I face very poor performance issue, because you have to accept wordpress itself is huge resource grabber and it usages external resources if you install such plugins.

To get rid of performance issue you can adopt VPS (virtual private server) or Cloud Servers or even few dedicated shared hosting services for wordpress like BlueHosts. But if you don’t have such resources then you have to optimize your wordpress yourself either going through coding or reducing added resources you use with. Below I am going through few points:

Speed up wordpress blog by decreasing external request

Reduce External Request

I always use YSlow to check how many external requests are their going out from my website or pages on my blog. This blog, IAMWD is taking more than 27 external requests. It is too high. Maximum number can be considered close to 6-8 not more than that. IAMWD is taking this much requests only because its using lots of plugins to make my life easier, but it is bad for loading time. That is why I am working on my themes to include manually processed requests internally so that I don’t have have to use all these plugins. It is always better to have your own personalized template developed by professionals with checking performance entity to insure the best possible optimization within your design.


Remove unnecessary plugins

WordPress.org is giving us a whole world of unlimited plugins. There are so many blogs out there who will let you know about the best plugins existed. But you have to decide which one suits you most. Please consider to remove unnecessary plugins from your dashboard. Most of these plugins uses JavaScript codes and that means more you insert scripts more you are increasing your loading time.

Many out there who dont know how to manually insert plugins code within their template, but if you give some effort you can easily get things done, or outsource your small project tweaking with professionals.

Lets say you are trying to insert different advertisement script offered by different advertising companies like Adsense, BidVertiser, CJ, Click Bank, InfoLinks and many more. Foretunately and unfortunately there are so many of them. Which one to choose then? you will only go for those affiliates, CPC,CPM or other form of advertisement which requires less resources. I am using text links referrals, banner images and Adsense. These programs already reducing my performance a lot. But when tried a script from Info Links my site was close to death. Info Links insert their own links within your inline texts of your contents. The script tries to go through your pages first, initiate which words to target then override with its own tagging link. This whole process takes too much time to make your site a crap. That is why I suggest you to use these advertisement programs with care.
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Use Cache

two ways to leverage your cache for wordpress; manually and with plugins. If you are an expert with php and web development then consider manual process, because it gives you total control on what you are doing. Hence, WP Super Cache is one of the best I have ever found to take care of your cache problem. It works really well.

Try to insert manual Social badges

You will see I am using two different social share bar in this blog (yes to share this post within your network!!!). I feel like getting rid of these two bars. Because it is inserting 3 different script on each of my pages with external requests. That is why on my upcoming template (coming very soon) I am considering to include manual badges with only 4-5 major services. I already tested it and works great by reducing upto 70% of times. You can find so many articles on how to add social badges manually on Google.


I will try to elaborate more on my next post on this optmization issue. There are few other factors you need to consider but in this post I only highlighted very basic to reduce external calls for your wordpress blog. As I am testing with my custom template, it becomes easy for me to understand what is really handled inside wordpress. If you have any thing new to share or want to ask any question please let me know on our comments section. And please dont forget to share if you find this helpful.

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