The Rise and Rise of the Freelance Web Developer

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It's correct, companies can not hire web developers in recent times as more and more developers are taking it upon themselves to deal with end-to-end builds directly with the client. The web development industry alone is certainly a communal and collaborative one, so working alone is really not quite as lonely as you might think. In both the usa and the UK, organizations are complaining of the extreme absence of talent inside the web development world, however this is not the case. It is simply that web developers typically are not keen to operate client-side on a single project on a daily basis, and also the digital agency industry is a fickle one, that is putting it lightly. Almost every day you learn about a digital agency closing it's doors.

Which leads me to the domino effect this can be causing. These digital agencies are not getting the work they need simply because they're being undercut by companies who are able to provide you with the same amount of work and service, for a fraction of the cost. Who're these companies and just how can they do it you ask? Well, the straightforward answer is; freelance web developers. There isn't any overheads, there is a direct point of contact plus they usually can service the client no matter what time of day or what place in the world they're residing in, because freelance web development and remote working go hand-in-hand beautifully.

Then you have headlines such as this: Digital advertising forecast for 2016: Brands cut back, agencies double down. Where companies are not thinking about committing to digital marketing spend and agencies are only just figuring internet marketing out. Which seems almost too little too late. This is actually the portion of the market that's slowly dying. Meanwhile on the other side of the spectrum, you have got digitally savvy businesses figuring out what they need to do internally and hiring appropriate freelancers to complete the project.

It won't be long before there are just a few digital agencies left and this will be due to natural selection. The agencies will continue to have their niche in addition to their market and will have plenty of high-end global businesses knocking at their door. But the remainder of the small-scale business are going to have realised that looking for a freelance web developer is regarded as the efficient and cost efficient way of creating their app or website.

One day within the forseeable future it will probably be viewed as normal practice for digital consultants to control client projects by using freelance designers, developers, content marketers and seo specialists all working together remotely. Essentially becoming the digital agencies of the future, the various tools enabling us to accomplish this are here today.

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